13 January 2014

My Year-End List Edit, or, I've Decided I Was Wrong About My Album of the Year Choice

I was wrong. 

This is what I said, exactly:
Album of The Year - Charli XCX, True Romance. Every single song can stand alone - and several have as singles - but the sum of all the parts - a dark pop gem that teeters between love and heartbreak - is so much greater. There's a lot of great promise here, and since her 2nd album drops in June, I think we will see it coming in 2014.  

And until December, that choice wasn't even close, until I heard.......

Album of The Year, Runner Up - Sky Ferreira, Night Time, My Time. There are so many great pop singles on this album, it's almost an embarrassment of riches.  Lyrically, it's deeper than what is playing on standard pop radio nowadays, reflecting a maturity far beyond Ms. Ferreira's years. It's dark pop gem-dom almost made me declare a tie in this category.

Why I Didn't Declare A Tie - As good as Night Time, My Time is, I keep going back to True Romance.  Both are going to be in heavy rotation for years to come, though.  That, I have no doubt about.
 So, it's two weeks into the new year, and about four weeks after I wrote this.  And Night Time, My Time is in my heavy rotation.  I'm really getting to know the album better.  So, with all due respect to Charli XCX... I'm sorry, but Sky Ferreira's album was better.  So flip-flop these rankings. 

I still stand by Charli as Artist of the Year.  "I Love It" and "Superlove" weren't on that still-excellent album, so those are added to her achievements. 

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